Friday, July 31, 2009

Schumacher begins F1 preparations

Michael Schumacher could test this year's Ferrari ahead of his return to Formula 1. Under F1 rules, drivers are not allowed to test current cars, but the F1 Teams' Association (Fota) members have agreed to let Schumacher test for one day. Schumacher began his preparations for his return to F1 by testing a 2007 Ferrari at the team's Mugello test track on Friday. On Thursday he spent a day at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy, familiarising himself with the controls on the 2009 car's steering wheel in the team's simulator. The car was fitted with untreaded slick tyres, which were reintroduced for this season and Schumacher has not raced on since 1997.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michael Jackson's secret love child

This is reportedly Michael Jackson's secret son a 25-year-old singer who's said to be getting a DNA test to confirm whether he is MJ's lovechild.Intriguingly, Norwegian Omer Bhatti circled in the pictures above and below was sat in the front row at Jackson's memorial service on July 7 with the star's siblings Rebbie, Janet, Randy, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermaine.Many more famous faces and family members were made to sit in the rows behind at the Staples Centre.Until now, it had simply been thought that Omer had become a friend of Jackos through being a childhood superfan and an impersonator of the star.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shopwiki's Play Station 3

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Horror at Iran plane crash site

The Caspian Airline Soviet-era designed Tupolev Tu-154 plane caught fire mid-air and crashed Wednesday morning into farmlands in the village of Janat Abad in Iran's northwestern province of Qazvin, just minutes after it took off from Tehran for the Armenian capital of Yerevan.All 168 people, including 153 passengers and 15 crew members, on board were killed in the worst plane crash in Iran in years.The impact of the crash caused a vast crater which was littered with debris, shoes and clothing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Buchanan's new book "The Future of Cricket: The Rise of Twenty20"

Former Australian and Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders coach John Buchanan's relation with India may have ended but he still holds very strong views about Indian cricketers.In his new book The Future of Cricket: The Rise of Twenty20, Buchanan has taken potshots at not only at Sachin Tendulkar and former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar, but at many other current and former players.Buchanan writes that Sachin Tendulkar is not a player who can dominate in a Twenty20 match. He believes Tendulkar is no longer good enough for the Twenty20 format and has come out with sensational remarks on the batting maestro and his usefulness in cricket’s shortest version.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Televised on Every Network

The Michael Jackson memorial service will be televised, and it will be televised for millions who can't see the Michael Jackson memorial service in person. The Michael Jackson memorial service shall be televised on all the major networks and cable channels. Considering how the Michael Jackson memorial service has attracted millions, the televised version should get massive ratings and more. Truly, the Michael Jackson memorial service is a televised media event unlike any funeral before it.The Michael Jackson memorial service will be televised on at least seven different TV stations. Websites like Hulu will also cover the service on a live stream, as will major news sites. Even movie theaters are getting in on the act, as 88 theaters across the country will simulcast the event.However, the big show is still at Staples Center, as over a million fans will gather around the stadium and ignore the televised coverage. They will be crowded together for hours on end to pay their last respects, even if they can't get into the arena.Perhaps the last time a memorial service was televised to this extent was when Princess Diana died in 1997. The media coverage was jam-packed, even as many suspected that media attention and scrutiny played a part in her death.