Saturday, October 24, 2009

Min Lieskovsky - Salman Rushdie's new gal

Author Salman Rushdie, it seems, has certainly moved on after his split from ex-girlfriend Pia Glenn.The 62-year-old was seen attending the Norman Mailer Writers' Colony Gala with stunning author Min Lieskovsky on his arm, reports the New York PostMin Lieskovsky is a 27-year-old Harvard graduate who once claimed to be addicted to dating male models. And not just any model, specifically six of the world’s top models “the so-called Nasdaq of modeling, where they’re evaluated by complex algorithms of earnings, shows and campaigns.” So what does she have in common with a 62 year old bald man who has been married four times? Perhaps their passion for writing is what brought this couple together.It is not clear how long Lieskovsky and Rushdie have been together or where their relationship is going, but if you are basing it on Salman’s past he seems to have a thing for the pretty, young ladies. Salman is stepping out with Mia just a week after a public break up with last partner Pia Glenn, where he accused her of being ‘unstable’ and an ‘accomplished liar’.As far as biographical information on Lieskovsky here are some additional facts we learned, mostly thanks to an article she wrote for Elle magazine.She is of Chinese and Hungarian descent, and says at “5′6″ and 130 pounds, I consider myself quite a fox, but I’m not model material.”She also talked about her taste in men, which she says leans towards the “young and professionally pulchritudinous.”

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