Thursday, June 19, 2008

Germany Beats Portugal 3–2 in Euro 2008 Soccer

Germany triumphed over Portugal 3–2 in the first Euro 2008 Championship quarter-final match.

Portugal won it's first two matches, and fielded a team of substitutes for its final round match. Thus, its starters are well rested and ready.

Germany won most of its matches convincingly but not spectacularly. The team seemed not to be playing at full capacity in its qualifying matches.German Head Coach Joachim Löw had to watch the game from the stands, as he was suspended for a game due to "constant bickering" with the Austrian head coach during their match.

The German team averages several inches taller than the Portuguese squad. While this could grant an advantage in aerial play, it might have meant that the Germans would be slower on the ground.
Germany finally looked like a championship team, and while Portugal played well, Germany made fewer mistakes and capitlaized on its opportunities, and earned a spot in the semi-finals.

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